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3 Important Questions for Your Integrative Health
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All your life systems interact and contribute towards overall wellbeing.

God has designed you this way – as a whole person.

 Blog March 28


In a recent webinar I viewed on Integrative Mental Health, a colleague of Andrew Weil M.D., Rubin Naiman, Ph.D., shared how his early understanding of integrative health came from his Eastern European Jewish immigrant mother.


In her attempt to understand any illness, his mother would ask three questions.

 1.             What did you eat?


We are becoming more aware of how profoundly “you are what you eat”.

There is a very real “body/mind”, ‘food/mood’ connection that reveals links to many physical and mental maladies.

Metabolic disorders, heart disease, blood sugar levels – all have an impact on energy, mood and psychological health – causing stress, anxiety and depression.


The antidote mantra is: Let your food be your medicine.”


My oldest daughter is finishing a Masters of Dietetics and Nutrition at Loma Linda University. So I am vicariously getting an honorary masters myself, learning about the mounds of new research and interventions for healing and prevention.


Considering this concept further, here is another question I think is important for us to ask.


     What am I consuming?


We are consumers. Often, over consuming.

What kind of ‘nutrients’ and ‘substances’ are you absorbing into your life?

What sort of ‘energy’ and ‘junk’ – light and darkness – are you taking in?


Consuming massive amounts of information results in ‘information overload’.

A lot of it is ‘junk information’, mostly from ‘digital invasion’.


So, what is the quality of food and other products you consume?

This all converts to the ‘energy’ and ‘sustenance’ of your life.

Light. Food. Water. Oxygen.

God’s Word. The Holy Spirit. Love. Hope.


 2.             Did you poop?


Digestion, metabolizing and constipation can be serious health problems.

We ‘hold’ excess waste in our body and our psychological lives.

This causes chronic inflammation and is the origin of all sorts of diseases.


The stuff we take in, doesn’t always get absorbed properly into our system.

When excess toxic waste and the ‘junk’ we consume isn’t released efficiently, it slows us down.


What are you taking into your life? What are you absorbing?


We usually consume more than we need.

We don’t get enough of what we really need.

And we hold onto more than we need – when we should ‘let it go’.


     What do I need to let go of?


Soul constipation.

It can be caused by ‘inner hoarding’, or just the wrong kind of overconsumption.

Holding onto fears, grudges, resentments, disappointments, regrets, expectations – and all sorts of stuff that just clogs up the soul and life.


What are you holding onto?

Surrender. Release. Let it go.


3.             Did you sleep?


How have you been sleeping? Do you dream?

You need at least 7 – 9 hours of solid sleep a night.  REM sleep that is.

Sleep is essential for the brain to ‘defragment’, for all life systems to rebalance and recover.

And the quality of your sleep can be impacted by ‘what you eat’ and how you are ‘releasing’.


         Am I getting enough rest and relaxation for recovery?


You also need down time.

Renewal. Recuperation. Restoration.

Sabbath. Retreat. Vacation. Play time.


Whatever self-care refreshes and restores your soul and life is critical to your overall integrative health and healing.

Enjoy a lifestyle that includes lowering your stress response system. Resting.

Deep breathing. Prayer. Meditation. Fresh air. Nature. Beauty. Laughter.


One Response to 3 Important Questions for Your Integrative Health

  1. Amy Alves /

    August 23, 2013 at 1:00 pm

    Catherine, you amaze me. I have read this post 3 times now and each time I am encouraged by your wisdom and intelligence. Thank you for sharing the woman that our great God has designed you to be. ~ Blessings out from Maine, Amy Alves from http://www.fullherlife.com

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