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Why 50 Days of Easter Season Trumps Lent
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Why 50 Days of Easter Season trumps Lent



What a glorious afterglow from the 40 day Lent journey, commemorating Jesus being our sacrificed lamb (Passover).

We have pondered the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of Holy week and ended with a loud declaration that ‘He is risen indeed’.


Easter opened the windows, flipped on the sunshine and what was dead is made alive again.

Hallelujah !!




Iris after rain 2


But don’t get up and leave. It’s not over yet.


It has only just begun, leading up to such a time as this.

Now we begin to ‘Easter’, embodying this resurrection new life.

Daily we will learn and re-learn how to continue receiving the transforming life of Christ lived fully alive in us.


And we now start counting down the 40 days to Jesus ascending  and the 50 days leading to the ‘Jubilee’ of Pentecost (Shavuot).

This countdown originates from our Jewish heritage, the season after Passover, of First Fruits, the Counting of the Omer ( 49 Day Countdown to Shavuot ), when the commandments were written on stone by the ‘finger of God’ and Judaism was born.


This all connects to the fulfillment of Christ as our Passover lamb at Easter, when the Holy Spirit was poured out, the church was born and His Word was written on hearts by the Spirit of God at Pentecost.


Pentecost matters.  Shavuot Matters.  It is essential to our ability to flourish.

(I am fascinated, so I share some links on the highlighted words in this blog for you to explore for further reading.)


So we ‘Easter’ towards Pentecost going The Way of The Light – Via Lucis.  

Towards Pentecost and the outpouring of The Holy Spirit.

Remembering the significance of Christ’s journey to the cross, the days after he was resurrected, his appearances to others and his admonitions and encouraging words before he ascended.


We await the ‘birth’ of the church, being ‘birthed’ afresh in us, with a renewed outpouring of the Holy Spirit in us.


This is the abundant life we are called to live into and flourish.

May we once again enter in with anticipation and begin to practice this Journey to Joy.  

{ I invite you to join me on the Journey to Joy countdown to Pentecost (Shavuot) –  Free Download  }

Be Transformed By Easter Love   {read this blog }

Prepare to Receive The Holy Spirit And A Fresh Vision   {read this blog }


As you read the scriptures and reflect on this Journey to the Light and Resurrection Joy, may you be led into the fullness of the life and love of God in the risen Lord as He speaks to you and makes Himself known to you.

Blessings on you as you are sent out to flourish in fruitfulness, being freshly filled with the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit.






Weeping, then Laughing

By Winn Collier


Lent is 40 days. Easter runs 50.

This matters.

While Lent blocks the exit for those chipper souls who’ve never seen a sorrow they couldn’t deny, Easter opens the floodgates on parched souls who’ve come to believe only in a life barren and brittle.

But–and this is what we must not miss–Easter trumps Lent.

Lent owns its grey space, and the good news is no good news at all if we do not sincerely wrangle with the sad facts scattered about us.

But then Easter comes and flips on the sunshine and cranks up the jukebox and opens the window and breaks out the margaritas.

Death is very real, Easter says, but Jesus alive is more real.

Get up and dance.

Easter does not arrive as a joy easy won.

Easter is the dance of the mourner who has grabbed the alleluia in a headlock and won’t let go. In Easter, those who dwell in the valley of the shadow of death gather up their courage and bend their ear to the Church’s witness of the risen Jesus.

Then, in an act both brave and costly, these reckless souls let the light in.

They open themselves to another possibility.

They slowly start to tap their toes.

With all their might, no matter how fragile or sparse, they begin to practice joy.

They begin to Easter.

I was dead, then alive.

Weeping, then laughing.



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