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Author Archives: Dr. Catherine Hart Weber

Celebrate Spring and Happiness. March 20.

  Celebrate Spring and Happiness on March 20   The first day of Spring this year is also Palm Sunday and the International Day of Happiness.   Happiness Matters The General Assembly of the United Nations commissioned a Day of Happiness,
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Have Courage And Be Kind: Is This the New ‘Cinderella Syndrome’?

The new Disney movie ‘Cinderella’ seems to have redefined the ‘Cinderella Syndrome’ – the ‘Cinderella Complex’. New life is breathed into these classic archetype characters, giving us a deeper dimension, with a more compelling perspective to the ‘rest of the
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How Celebrating with Gratitude is Good For You – And Others

Sharing sorrow halves it. Sharing joy and good news doubles it. Continue reading

Why 50 Days of Easter Season Trumps Lent

Why 50 Days of Easter Season trumps Lent     What a glorious afterglow from the 40 day Lent journey, commemorating Jesus being our sacrificed lamb (Passover). We have pondered the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of Holy week and ended
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Celebrate Spring and Happiness – starting March 20

  Celebrate Spring and Happiness – starting March 20   The first day of Spring this year is also the International Day of Happiness. It’s about celebrating new life, growth, thriving and the benefits of flourishing in life and relationships.
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What New Ways Can You Arrange Your Life For A Better Year?

What New Ways Can You Arrange Your Life For A Better Year?   Your greatest enemy can be the pace of life you chose to live. You have to ruthlessly eliminate hurry and business  if you want happiness, wellbeing and
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Welcome the New Year and New Beginnings

Welcome the New Year and New Beginnings Now let us welcome the New Year, Full of things that have never been. Rainer Maria Rilke    A blessed New Year to you.   Here we are again, reflecting on the past
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Love Has Come To You: Advent Week 4

Love Has Come To You: Advent Week 4   A very Blessed Christmas to you, as we celebrate Jesus coming to us. The real meaning of Christmas.  What does Christmas mean to God? Love. Generosity.   God loved so much
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Bring Joy To Your World: Advent Week 3

Bring Joy To Your World: Advent Week 3 God is love. God is joy. “The God of Exceeding Great Joy”- EL Simchathgali Given for us to live by and to share. True Christmas ‘Joy’ is celebrating Christ coming to us.
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Why The Vision of Peace Matters: Advent Week 2

Why The Vision of Peace Matters: Advent Week 2   Peace.  {Tranquility, calm, serenity, stillness, quietness} Go slower. Simplify the season.  Celebrate what matters most. Reflect on the stories, signs and miracles leading up to Jesus coming to us. From
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Cultivate The Power of Hope: Advent Week 1

  Cultivate The Power of Hope: Advent Week 1 Man can live about forty days without food, about three days without water, about eight minutes without air, but only for one second without hope.       Hope, Peace, Joy,
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If you want to thrive more, you must be willing to cut back.

  There are things that we never want to let go 
of, people we never want to leave behind.
 But keep in mind that letting go isn’t the end
 of the world;  it’s the beginning of a new life.

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3 Important Questions for Your Integrative Health

All your life systems interact and contribute towards overall wellbeing.

God has designed you this way – as a whole person. Continue reading

Protect Your Beautiful Life from The Digital Invasion

  There are many advantages to the internet and digital technology. I can connect with you – even reaching the other side of the world!   But technology is also causing serious problems. A news heading today reads: “Girl’s suicide
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You Are More Beautiful Than You Think

  I wasn’t careful recently and was robbed. I left my car door unlocked in the driveway overnight. A thief roaming around looking for an opportunity, rummaged through my car, taking valuables, registration and insurance. My car’s ‘identity’ was stolen.
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Reflections on Christ in the Passover and Holy Week

  We have begun the most Holy Week in the Christian calendar. The final week of Jesus before going to the cross. I share these few links to enrich your times of reflection and celebration. 1.       {Experience Christ
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Breaking The Hurry Habit: Fifth Week of Lent

  Our brains  – our whole being – aren’t designed for the speed this modern world has come to. We tend to move so fast, challenging the soul and Spirit to keep up.   And our problems aren’t as simple
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Because We Need To Be Reminded of God’s Love: Fourth Week of Lent

  Just in time, halfway through Lent, we are offered some joy and celebration. I’m ready. Who else needs encouragement, hope and love in the midst of humility and brokenness? God knows we need a reprieve from reflecting on our
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How The Bible Transforms Your Life: Third Week of Lent

In California, the sun is warming us up, signaling to prepare for new life breaking through. In the garden, I’m clearing out, plotting and planning. Feeding the birds and watching the daffodils grow. Around the house, I’m cleaning up and
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Learning to Listen to God’s Voice of Love: Second Week of Lent

  God speaks in the silence of the heart. Listening is the beginning of prayer.   Mother Teresa Speaking + Listening + Waiting = Prayer     Margaret Feinberg        Lent is known as the church’s ‘springtime’, a joyful season inviting us to
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