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Create ‘sacred places’ and ‘sanctuaries in time’ to be with God
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I recently rediscovered a hiking trail a few blocks from my house that goes up into the Sierra Madre mountains along a stream. I began hiking there regularly over 30 years ago, but hadn’t been back for years.

On a beautiful Spring day a few weeks ago, five of us ventured out on the trail that weaves in and out along a stream, up to a waterfall. My brain was flooded with good memories from the smell of the California brush, hearing the little frogs croak and the birds sing their happy song. I delighted in being engulfed by foliage and trees with roots extending their tangled roots down to soak deep in the stream.

The strongest memory for me was near a little bridge that went over a particularly beautiful section of the stream. That is where I had gone on most Saturdays for a few years, to sit in contemplative silence, listen and be immersed in the presence of God. That was my ‘sacred space’. Although I have long gone onto other places, the stream is still there, and the rock I used to sit on. The refreshing stream is still flowing from the mountain waterfall down to the sea, still offering the same sacred place of beauty and intimacy.

God is always there, waiting for us to be with Him. Never changing. God is everywhere, so there are other places in nature that I have since also declared as ‘sacred spaces’ and ‘sanctuaries in time’ where I can regularly connect with God. These are some of my other ‘sacred places’.

My Jubilee garden at home in Sierra Madre, CA

Mater Dolorosa Retreat Center Gardens in Sierra Madre, CA

The Bellfry Retreat Home and ranch of Anne Grizzle in Lexington, VA

The ocean

Question: Where are your ‘sacred places’ and ‘sanctuaries in time’ to be with God?


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