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Getting off to a Good Start
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Can you sense hopeful anticipation in the air?  Yes! The chance for new beginnings, fresh starts and second chances!  Let go of the old and bring in the new. Forget what is behind, and advance to what is ahead. I feel a spark of motivation and inspiration to get off to a good start, get back to basics and get it more right this time (you know – that extra weight, unresolved issues and unfinished goals). Lets take this opportunity to re-evaluate and make some intentional changes towards change and growth.

If you aren’t growing, you will become stale, stagnant and languish. Join me in making each day this year be a new beginning towards growing and flourishing. This month we will consider a few powerful questions and strategies to guide us in making it a happier, healthier blessed year and the beginning of a great decade.

Start with what matters most

Turn to God first to start the year. Set aside time to draw closer to Him, and hear from Him, experiencing deeper spiritual growth. Especially if you need breakthrough, wisdom, transformation, healing, comfort, provision, direction, guidance or strength. What are the stresses, concerns, issues, projects or people you need God’s divine intervention, direction and help with? What things about your life need to change? Present these things before God in prayer and with fasting.

I am starting the year along with others with a biblically based Daniel fast for my body, soul and spirit. This is a partial fast based on the book of Daniel 1 and 10: only fruits and vegetables, water and no meat, sweeteners or leavened bread. This plant-based eating plan with pure quality foods that are high in fiber with the fruits, vegetables and whole grains will cleanse the body and improve digestion. During the fasting days, the goal is to focus on your prayer relationship with God and concerns, spending time in meditation and deeper study. Additional health benefits may include lowered cholesterol, balancing of blood sugar levels, weight loss and a general overall feeling of well-being.

Get back to basics

During this focused time of clean eating and turning the heart towards God first and what matters most, consider going back to the proven basics of life. It is human nature to be prone to wander and forget easily. And we all know the statistics of futile failed New Year resolutions, fad diets and trendy programs.

Stick to proven plans that work. Get back to basics. What has worked for you, that you can return to? Discover God’s design for health and wellness for you, and learn to apply it for a Decade of Destiny. Become informed and skilled at how to have a healthier, happier blessed year – in all areas of your life. Learn from health experts such as Dr. Oz, Dr. Amen and Dr. Hyman with the Daniel Plan, starting January 15, 2011.

Choose a theme for the year.

We all need a sense of direction, a vision, or goal to help us advance forward in life. Every year I choose a theme that reflects what I would like to embrace in the upcoming year. As you turn to God in prayer for the year, what word, phrase or theme do you sense God taking you deeper in understanding to live out in 2011?

What is your theme(s) for the year?

The Year of – Peace. Gratitude. Shepherding. Freedom. Limitless. Simplicity.

Connecting. Advancement. Breakthrough. Stability. Destiny. Launching. Growth. Joy. Radiance. Closer to Heaven in 2011.

This is the year of …

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