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Know Your Top 5 for a Healthier Year
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We know the basics. To get healthy, get rid of the bad stuff. Add in the good stuff.
If we can just start by getting this right, we will make great improvements to our health and well-being and to those around us. Here are some of the basics I have been reviewing from solid new science, the Daniel Plan and First Place 4 Health.

1. Top five factors that impact health and longevity
Conclusions from all the good research on keys to health and happiness into old age boil down to a healthy lifestyle that includes these:

  • Don’t smoke. Don’t drink.
    This is a major cause of premature death. If you do drink alcohol, do so in moderation
  • Exercise
    At least 30 minutes daily. For fitness, one hour a day, six days a week.
  • Good nutrition
    Eat real food, the least processed as possible. Eat mostly plants. Don’t eat too much.
  • Get enough sleep
    Keep to the circadian rhythm and sleep cycle as much as possible and get at least 8 hours of REM sleep a night.
  • Manage Stress
    Remember to breath deeply

2. Know your top five vital numbers
Be aware of these numbers in particular, and keep them in the healthiest range:

  • Weight
  • Waist measurement
  • Cholesterol
  • Blood sugar
  • Blood pressure

3. The five causes of all diseases. The bad stuff

  • Toxins
  • Allergens
  • Infections
  • Poor nutrition and lifestyle
  • Stress

Five things to eliminate in your diet. The bad stuff

  • White flour and sugar
  • Caffeine
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Trans fats and saturated fats
  • Don’t eat 3 hours before bed

4. Five things to provide. The good stuff

  • Good nutrition.
    • Eat mostly plant based, fresh food. Eat protein with every meal. Eat every 3-4 hours for balanced blood sugar. Drink 8 glasses of water
    • Give your body enough movement, light, water and air
  • Keep the natural rhythms of your body – especially sleep
  • Manage stress. Get enough relaxation and recovery time.
  • Nurture love, community and meaningful connections

5. Five essentials for brain health
Besides a healthy diet, a good night sleep and exercise, consider these factors that heal your brain, which impacts all other areas of your life.

Social connections
Who are your top five closest relationship connections?
Who do you do ‘do life with’? Nurture these and keep them a vital part of your life.
New learning
Do five new things that will stimulate new connections in your brain.
Deep breathing
Breath in deeply from your belly, then slowly let it out for five counts.
Every night before going to bed, write down 5 things are you grateful for.
Know five promises of God that give you hope and help you win the battle of the mind.

What five factors can you improve to become healthier and happier?

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