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Love Has Come To You: Advent Week 4
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Love Has Come To You: Advent Week 4


A very Blessed Christmas to you, as we celebrate Jesus coming to us.

The real meaning of Christmas.

 What does Christmas mean to God?

Love. Generosity.


God loved so much … that He gave.

And Jesus was willing. “Let me go there”.

Born at Christmas, to die at Easter.

God’s ultimate love story.


Mary Jesus


So we celebrate with joy and jubilation.


God with us.


And the appropriate response is to receive the generous love gift with gratitude.

Accept the ultimate invitation.

Let God love you.

Open your heart to receive Jesus.

Then let His love flow through you.


Us with God.

Making time and space to be in His presence.

To become all you were meant to be.

Being transformed by Love.

Then keeping Christmas continually, generously


May you experience this miracle and majesty of Christ coming to you.

Having fun and festivities with family and friends. Merry Christmas.


Reflection Question: What does Christmas mean to you?




And God held in his hand

A small globe.

Look he said,

The son looked.

Far off,

As through water, he saw

A scorched land of fierce


The light burned

There; crusted buildings

Cast their shadows: a bright

Serpent, a river

Uncoiled itself, radiant

With slime.

On a bare

Hill a bare tree saddened

The sky.

Many people

Held out their thin arms

To it, as though waiting

For a vanished April

To return to its crossed

Boughs. The son watched

Them. Let me go there, he said.

By Welsh poet and Anglican priest RS Thomas (1913–2000)

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