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Protect Your Beautiful Life from The Digital Invasion
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There are many advantages to the internet and digital technology.

I can connect with you – even reaching the other side of the world!


But technology is also causing serious problems.

A news heading today reads: “Girl’s suicide note blames cyberbullying.”


We live in a time when we constantly have to evaluate how technology is benefitting and harming our life and relationships.


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How are you impacted by digital technology?


Here are a few challenges to be aware of as you pursue Digital Wellness.


1.      IAD             Internet Addiction Disorder


This is a legitimate psychological condition caused by internet overuse, problematic computer use or pathological computer use. It happens when excessive computer use interferes with daily life.

My sister Dr. Sylvia Frejd is certified in treating Internet Addiction and other new challenges as a result of technology advances and invasion into our lives.

Fortunately, there is a way out. It begins with Digital Wellness. Being balanced in how we use technology.



2.      DDD            Daily Digital Dependence


I created this term for those of us who are not as extreme.


Over a year ago, the rainbow wheel on my MacBook Pro wouldn’t stop spinning. Then my screen went black and my hard drive crashed. I eventually recovered my data, but it triggered the spinning of my world.


Ironically, around that time, my sister Dr. Sylvia Hart Frejd and dad Dr. Archibald Hart were writing their book  The Digital Invasion.  http://www.thedigitalinvasion.com


I was helping edit, collecting articles to pass along.

It was then I realized just how digitally dependent I had become.

How important it is to put technology in its place and maintain a balance of Digital Wellness.


How much time do you spend a day using some form of technology?

How dependent are you?


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3.      DTAS           Digital Technology Adjustment Syndrome


Just when you get the hang of one gadget or system, it soon becomes extinct, and you have to learn something new. Can you relate?


In the workplace, just about everything is online and new systems are constantly being introduced.

Most medical and health care professionals store patient documents, charting and note keeping on line.

It can cause terrible stress learning new systems.


If this is you, take heart, you are in good company – of millions of others !!

It’s ok to ask for help.



4.      FOMO          Fear Of Missing Out


We should all know by now. The grass is not greener on the other side.


Yet, when you see those posts – “look what I can do”, “look what my kids can do”, “look at all the fun I am having and you’re not” – we tend to still fall for it.


I call it –  ‘Facebook Façade”.

Because that’s what most of it is. One big phoney baloney cleaned up profile pics with everyone’s ‘representatives’ representing.


Is not true. There is always more to the ‘real story’.

Everyone is not having a better, happier, more amazing, ecstatic life than you are. Don’t get lured into comparing, contrasting, competing. It corrupts.  It causes Facebook Depression.

The only thing you will miss out on is living fully alive wholeheartedly in the moments of your own precious life.

Recent reports suggest that  teens are spending less time on Facebook. Mostly due to the negative effects.

The message is becoming clearer: “Get off facebook, get out and choose to live your real life”.




5.      SSFT            Scarcity, Shame and Fear Triggers


We live in a culture that measures us by

how many likes we have on Facebook. It’s a Scarcity Culture.”

These are some of the conclusions from research done on Shame by Dr. Brene Brown.  http://www.brenebrown.com

Shame is our most human, primitive emotion – the intensely painful feeling that we are unworthy of love and belonging.


Shame is triggered by this ‘scarcity culture’ mentality.


We internalize fear and it manifests in shame-based, fear-based negative self-talk such as – I’m not good enough. I’m not secure enough. I’m not liked enough. I’m not enough. 

This shame shuts down in us what is most essential for healthy living and connecting – vulnerability.


However, it is only out of being genuine and vulnerable that we discover what is most essential to live fully alive wholeheartedly in – love, joy, gratitude, peace, faith, hope, creativity – spiritual transformation and growth.


Don’t let the digital world re-trigger your shame.

You are enough. You are loved.


Your value isn’t measured by your online ‘likes’ or volume of carefully edited photos and statuses.


Who are the real relationships you can stay connected with?

Who really loves you and provides a genuine sense of belonging?




6.      CMME          Capturing the Moment but Missing the Experience


Have you ever been so caught up in capturing images constantly that you are not being fully present to savoring and experiencing the actual live moments?


And on it goes.

Daily guard your beautiful mind for a beautiful life.


Share your experience of how technology impacts your life, relationships and those around you.




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