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Reflections on Christ in the Passover and Holy Week
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We have begun the most Holy Week in the Christian calendar.

The final week of Jesus before going to the cross.

I share these few links to enrich your times of reflection and celebration.

1.       {Experience Christ in the Passover Meal}


Passover 2013 begins Monday March 25 at sunset through April 2.

Anne Voskamp provides this wonderful reflection and sedar guide: How to Celebrate a Christian passover meal. 


2.       {Watch a video about the significance of Christ in the Passover}


Christ is our passover lamb.

David Brickner, Executive Director Jews of Jesus teaches in this video about the Passover feast that Jesus celebrated every year. Experience this ancient feast, the history of how it is celebrated and the Christian significance of the ancient tradition of passover.


3.       {Be Transformed By Easter Love}


The Christian tradition of Easter week is celebrated in the

Triduum of Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. 


You are a beautiful picture of God’s Redemption and Resurrection life. 

Celebrate the Lord’s Holy Passion for you – 

as your Passover Lamb for forgiveness and redemption.  



4.       {From Easter to Pentecost: The Journey to Transforming Joy}

The Easter Season begins with Easter Resurrection Sunday and continues for 50 days to Pentecost Sunday, known as Via Lucis – The Way of Light. 


These Stations of the Resurrection reflect on the life of Jesus after He was resurrected and the promises of our new life and transformation that has only just begun. 

Continue living fully alive in the abundant life provided through Christ. 


Download a reflection guide of the Journey to Transforming Joy – from Easter to Pentecost. 

Shalom to you.

Christ our Passover Lamb has bought our freedom.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow !

Praise Him who has set the captives free!

The Tomb is empty. His is alive. 

The Lamb has come and taken away the sins of the world !

In Christ – all things are new.

We have the promise of continual renewed life !!

A blessed Holy Week to you.

Share with us: What are some of the meaningful ways you are reflecting and celebrating?

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