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How The Bible Transforms Your Life: Third Week of Lent
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In California, the sun is warming us up, signaling to prepare for new life breaking through.

In the garden, I’m clearing out, plotting and planning.

Feeding the birds and watching the daffodils grow.

Around the house, I’m cleaning up and making space.


Garden green door


In my inner ‘soul sancturay’, I am inviting the lord to search my heart.

Cleaning up the past to make room for the future.

I’m flinging wide the doors to messy places and secret gardens.

Courageously, I venture towards facing the ‘state of my heart’.

These are important Lent practices.


It is there that we face the vicious enemies we must battle.

Where we must cultivate the new life bursting forth that needs tender care.


This is where we discover what we have to surrender, let go.

Necessary losses.

Unwanted things that grow in the dark from our fears.

Bad habits, ugly attitudes

Accumulated rubbish we hoard that interferes and overwhelms

The ‘dragons’ of yesterday’s worries and old wounds

Choking weeds and clutter of ‘automatic negative thoughts’

Infestations from emotional offenses

Piled up ‘rocks of resentment’

Contamination from ‘expectations and disappointments’

Languishing, fruitless potential

Wasted, unused hopes, dreams and opportunities


That is why we so desperately need The Bible.




The Bible

Reading the Bible restores our relationship with God.

We find faith in our all powerful Creator.

The stories help us define who we are, the choices we make, how we live,  how we love, how we struggle and overcome.


1.      The Bible is your hope for health and healing


Take the Word of God into your heart and soul.

The Word is Spirit and life – everlasting life.

Fight those dragons with the sword of the Word.

Heal your mind by meditating on the Word.

Seal the doorposts of your inner thoughts with the protective Word.

Guard your heart by covering it with the Word.

Let the Lord soothe your tender places with His healing Word.

Let the Lord Love you – through the presence of His Word.

Plant new seeds of hope with the Word.

Soak those precious new sacred soul seeds in the water of the Word.

Be cleansed by the washing of the Word

Let the Word guide you and light your way

Find spiritual nourishment from the Word to flourish and fulfill your purpose.


God’s Word generates life, creates faith, produces change, frightens the Devil, causes miracles, heals hurts, builds character, transforms circumstances, imparts joy, overcomes adversity, defeats temptation, infuses hope, releases power, cleanses our minds, brings things into being, and guarantees our future forever!   We cannot live without the Word of God! Never take it for granted. You should consider it as essential to your life as food.  Rick Warren

The Bible

2.      Explore meaningful ways to read, learn, study, meditate and memorize the Bible


Read through the bible in a year, using a one year bible or reading list.

Focus on one book or section at a time.

Use a guide for bible readings each day.

Follow the church calendar, reading along with the scriptures the church is reading.

Read a devotional and the suggested scriptures that go along with it.


Ask yourself: What  ways am I exploring The Bible?


3.      Become a ‘doer of The Word’


As you read the Word of God, be aware of how the Bible stories are examples to you, how God is speaking to you.

Listen with your whole attention, with your mind and heart.  Really hear the Word of God to you, so you can keep it and live it.

Journal what you hear. Write out practical application action steps that involve your relationship to God, to others and your personal character.


Ask yourself:  How do I hear God speaking to me through the Bible? How do I intend to apply His Word to my life today? 




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