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Welcome the New Year and New Beginnings
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Welcome the New Year and New Beginnings

Now let us welcome the New Year,

Full of things that have never been.

Rainer Maria Rilke


Door Green

 A blessed New Year to you.


Here we are again, reflecting on the past year and welcoming in the New Year.

What an amazing gift !


Celebrating with meaningful rituals and practices that highlight anticipation of new unexplored opportunities.


Pondering potential and possibilities.

New life. New starts. New dreams. New you.

All under a New Moon this year !! }


That’s the way of God’s transforming, life-giving Spirit in us.

Always giving us hope and vision for the future.


So, I share these inspiring resource links along with past blogs that continue to nourish me and will hopefully enrich your going into a great New Year.


1.         Reflect On The Past Year.  Prepare For The New Year.


Instead of going right to ‘new year resolutions’ and deprivation, focus on the celebration and reflection on the past year.

Then listen to your longings and envision God’s goals and abundance for you in the New Year.


I share some of the powerful questions to guide this process in

A New Year Reflection Download


I invite you to Do an ‘examen’ on the past year, your life currently, and the upcoming year


What has been most life giving to you this past year?

What has been most life draining to you this past year?

What are your hopes and dreams for the New Year?

How may you nurture the new seeds of life being stirred in you?


A Doable Life-Change Plan for A New Year, A New You: (with printable)


I am also exploring a refresher course on setting S.M.A.R.T. goals.

5 Days To Your Best Year Ever.


Seize the moment. 

What are the opportunities that you need to make the most of today? 

What are you doing with your dreams?



2.         Choose a ‘Word’ or ‘Theme’ for the New Year.


Or, let it choose you.

This year, to add some new inspiration to a tradition, I am doing an



3.         Begin The Year With Fasting for Breakthrough and Blessing.


Consider A Daniel Fast as an important way to start the year.


Start the new year experiencing a successful Daniel Fast.


Fasting releases the power of God available to you when you get out of the busyness of your daily life and focus on Him. That’s when the Holy Spirit can come in and speak to you. Through studying the Word, praying, quieting your spirit down. Then the Holy Spirit comes in and starts teaching you. Align yourself for the Holy Spirit to start working with you.  The Daniel Fast

Download this guide for your Daniel Fast Reflection.



4.         Review Your Healthy Life Habits and Plan


It’s usually back to basics for me.

Just living out what I already know consistently is always the challenge.


And then getting some additional inspiration and motivation along the way.


Right now, I am reviewing The Daniel Plan. 40 Days To A Healthier Life.



Here are some other helpful resources:


Seven Ways You Can Have A Happier Year


Know your top 5 for a healthier year



Previous blog resources for the New Year


Create your own New Year Challenge: Get Back To Basics


Plan on having a good, blessed year


Get off to a good start


Just Imagine – A New Year Full of Hope



Reflection Question:

What are your meaningful practices and plans as you enter into the New Year?

One Response to Welcome the New Year and New Beginnings

  1. Amy Alves /

    January 7, 2014 at 5:52 pm

    Catherine, HAPPY NEW YEAR to you! Thank you for your pearls of wisdom as usual and for the helpful links. God is good. This year I will know more of what He and I look like when we’re together… I like that visual. 🙂 ~ Blessings out, Amy

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