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When You Need the Holy Spirit and a Fresh Vision
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We celebrate that ‘He is alive’, then the rest of the story is about daily living fully alive – embracing God’s story for each of us through the transforming life of His resurrection, His commissioning, and power of the Holy Spirit.

During the continuing Easter season, we are invited to take The Way of The LightThe Journey to Joy reflecting on the final chapters of each of the four gospels, which tell the story of the appearances of the risen Lord from Easter to Pentecost.

In a few days, I will embark on a holy pilgrimage journey to Israel for a few weeks, to walk and pray where Jesus lived and went to the cross, to see the empty tomb, walk along the road in Emmaus, the sea of Galilee where the Lord taught and commissioned His disciples, and to be where the Holy Spirit first descended.

These significant events continue to have meaning and power in our daily life even as we take annual holy pilgrimages in many other symbolic ways.

Download a reflection guide of the resurrection_stations.

As you read the scriptures and reflect on the stations of this Journey to the Light and Resurrection Joy, may you be led into the fullness of the life and love of God in the risen Lord as He speaks to you and makes Himself known to you, blesses and sends you out to flourish in fruitfulness, being freshly filled with the gifts and the power of the Holy Spirit.

  1. Jesus Rises from the Dead  (Matthew 28:5b – 6a)
  2. The Disciples Find the Empty Tomb (Luke 24:12) John 20:8
  3. Jesus Appears to Mary Magdalene (John 20:14b-18)
  4. Jesus Walks with the Disciples to Emmaus (Luke 24:15, 25-27)
  5. Jesus Reveals Himself in the Breaking of the Bread (Luke 24:29-32)
  6. Jesus Appears to His Disciples in Jerusalem (John 20:19-20) (Luke 24:38-40)
  7. Jesus Gives His Disciples His Peace and the Power and Authority to proclaim the Forgiveness of Sins (John 20: 19b, 20b – 23)
  8. Jesus Strengthens the Faith of Thomas  (John 20:24-29)
  9. Jesus Appears to His Disciples on the Shore of Lake Galilee (John 21:10-12)
  10. Jesus Forgives Peter and Commands Him to Feed His Sheep (John 21:15, 17b, 19b)
  11. Jesus Commissions His Disciples with a Mission on the Mountain  (Matthew 28:16-20)
  12. Jesus Ascends into Heaven. The Ascension of Jesus (Acts 1:6-12) (Mark 16:19-20)
  13. The Disciples, the women and Mary and his brothers wait in prayer. Mary and the Disciples Await the Coming of the Spirit (Acts 1:13-14)
  14. The Holy Spirit descends at Pentecost. Jesus Sends the Spirit Promised by the Father to his Disciples (Acts 2:1-3)

Download a reflection guide of the Stations of the Resurrection.

Question: What do you sense is your ‘calling’ and ‘commissioning’ from God at this time?

One Response to When You Need the Holy Spirit and a Fresh Vision

  1. Amy Alves /

    May 17, 2012 at 3:46 pm

    Hello Catherine,
    Thank you for sharing some of the depths of these Godly truths. My calling right now appears to be learning how to rest inside me, and in ministry. I’m a brand new life coach and God is quickly teaching me how to listen for His whisper, while in the midst of the people. I’m continuing to pray, “May God nail my flesh down, so this ministry is His, and not mine.” Glory be to God! Thank you so much for sharing with us Catherine! May your journey in Israel be God led, and Holy Spirit blessed! ~ Blessings, Amy Alves

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