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Flourish in Life Coaching and Training


Whole Person Coaching for Christian Spiritual Formation

February 6 – March 26, 2020

Thursdays 2-4 pm PST 

This Coaching for Spiritual Formation Training is designed to equip counselors, coaches and Christian Ministry Leaders to encourage others along their holistic spiritual growth journey. Participants will develop a greater appreciation for God’s unique design and plan for us to grow, mature and Flourish in all areas of life.

Learn practical frameworks and discover resources to equip you along your journey and to journey with others in the process of maturity, deepening Christian faith and intimacy with God.


This training course is for:


  • Those who would like to begin training in Spiritual Formation Life Coaching and Core Coaching Skills.
  • Trained life coaches, counselors and ministry leaders who would like additional ICF core training skills and a specialized coach training certification with experienced ICF certified coaches.


Coach Training Details:


  • Training includes a Christian Spiritual Formation Coach Training                  e-Workbook and Coaching Practices
  • ICF core skills e-workbook
  • Weekly preparation reading assignments and practices
  • Coaching Certification of Completion from The Hart Institute Flourish Center for Wellbeing.
  • 8 Coach Training Sessions
  • Live Training via Zoom and recorded sessions for later viewing
  • Peer core coaching skills practice sessions
  • Cost: $600


To register please email   drcatherine@howtoflourish.com  



Counselors and coaches can expand their practice by integrating Flourish in Life Coaching Principles.

As a featured faculty instructor of the AACC (American Association of Christian Counselors) Life Coaching Training series, I teach training sessions on Coaching skills, Health and Wellness, Stress Management, and Women’s Coaching.


Go beyond merely treating maladies, and learn coaching skills that promote transformation, growth, health and wellbeing. Cultivate strengths and character that enhances thriving in all life systems. These resources can be integrated with all clients and theoretical models.

The 7 Session Flourish In Life Coach Training includes a training manual, client coaching forms as well as many additional questionnaires and resources that you can use in your practice.

Certification Requirements:

  • Complete 7 Flourish Coach Training Sessions via remote meeting.
  • Read the book Flourish: Discover Vibrant Living by Dr. Catherine Hart Weber
  • Training manual, client forms, additional resources and a copy of Flourish will be provided.


  • Five one on one Flourish Coaching Sessions with Dr. Catherine Hart Weber
  • For more information and pricing on the upcoming training please contact: drcatherine@howtoflourish.com


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Overview of Flourish In Life Coach Training

Coach Training Session #1 – Transformation System

In the first session, you will receive initial coaching intake and assessment forms, powerful questions and questionnaires that you can use with your clients as you begin the coaching journey. The focus will be on chapter 1 and 2 of the Flourish book. You will learn how to guide your client in the foundations of living in ‘shalom’ — well-being in body, mind and spirit. You will receive wellness inventories and resources. There will also be an opportunity for you to assess your own health and wellness, as well as discern areas of languishing.

Coach Training Session #2 – God Attachment System

The most important human need in order to flourish is know you are loved by God and to be loved. God’s love changes everything. Our relationship with God and others is what life is all about. This session is based on chapter 3 and 4 in Flourish, where you will help clients become aware of their relationship with God, their God image and how they can explore, receive and absorb God’s love before they can truly love themselves and love others.

Coach Training Session #3 – Relationship Attachment System

Healthy love attachments are based on who you are, and who you are becoming. God uses our relationships to help us grow and mature in our character. This session is based on chapter 5 in Flourish, where relationships are God’s crucible for transformation and to reveal Himself to us. You will learn how to provide relationship assessments such as love languages and attachment styles in order to grow in healthier relationship connections.

Coach Training Session #4 – Pleasure and Joy System

Your Joy system is more than a feeling. It is a state of being that encompasses your brain, mind, heart and even the cells in your body. All these systems of your life are involved in the pursuit and enjoyment of positive emotion and all the pure pleasures of life. This session is based on chapter 6 and 7 in Flourish. We will explore a basic Biblical, physiological and neurological understanding of God given emotion and brain systems as well as practical daily exercises to cultivate these even when facing challenging emotions.

Coach Training Session #5 – Stress and Tranquility System

“A plain and simple life is a full life.”Proverbs 13:7 The Message
We are created with the capacity for a peace and tranquility system. This is our essential nature that we need to guard and cultivate. In this session, based on chapter 8 and 9 of Flourish, we will explore what blocks the flow of the Spirit of Peace in us during stress, worry and anxiety. Learn how to coach your client for a healthy Stress Response System finding antidotes to their stress and worry.

Coach Training Session #6 – Hope and Resilience System

Our capacity for resilience is a very generous God given gift. We often need adversity to discover our best strengths and to keep growing. On our life journey one of the ways we grow and mature is to learn how to have a healthy crisis and cultivate bounce-back-adaptability. This session is based on chapters 10 and 11 in Flourish, where you will learn ways to build the psychological and spiritual immune system, cultivating character and hope in the midst of life challenges. Help your clients discover that God’s plan for their life is redemption, restoration, abundant vibrant life and being fully alive in God.

Optional Coach Training Session # 7 – Arranging your Life to Flourish

In this last session you will learn how to create an intentional life plan for your client, discovering God’s life purpose and calling for the season of life they are in, and develop a 2-3 year Life Plan. We will primarily use the resources in the appendix of Flourish, reviewing the Practices for Wellbeing, Flourish in Life and Relationships assessment, and Arranging My Life to Flourish.

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