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Flourish In Life Coaching

Based on my book Flourish, this coaching series explores thriving in all your primary life systems for: transformation, love, joy, tranquility, hope and purpose.

These are the antidote to many life challenges: stagnation, disconnection, stress, anxiety, despair and discouragement.  Your custom coaching journey will focus specifically on your goals.  These are some possible areas of growth you may want to explore.

      Discover God’s design for wellbeing and transformation
Flourish as A Shalom bringer.    Understand God’s desire for harmony and fulfillment in all areas of your life – body, mind, spirit, emotions, relationships.

     Grow in Spiritual Formation
Flourish as A Friend of God.   Grow in your faith and relationship with God.

     Cultivate Healthy Relationship Connections
Flourish as A Loving Safe Place.   Cultivate healthier relationships with others. Become a loving safe place for those around you.

     Decrease negative thinking and emotions – Increase Happiness and Gratitude
Flourish as A Joy Spreader.   Cultivate healthy habits of the mind. Increase gratitude, happiness and other positive emotions that matter. Become a contagious joy spreader. Learn to manage your pleasure center, decreasing depression and negative thinking that leads to negative emotions.

     Learn Stress and Anxiety Management – Increase Peace and Tranquility
Flourish as A Peace Maker.   Learn to manage stress and anxiety by creating calm in your mind and life, enhancing your tranquility system.

     Be resilient and grow in challenging times
Flourish as A Hope Giver.   You can grow stronger and be resilient through challenging times. Your story and your life can be an encouragement to others, helping them flourish. Gain courage and strength for your journey.

     Pursue your calling and purpose to make a difference
Flourish as A Vision Catcher.   Discover the ‘face and song you were given before you were born’. You are designed with a calling and purpose to increase your abilities and be fulfilled in accomplishments.


NEW  Coaching and Coach Training

Whole Person Christian Spiritual Formation

Faith Based Positive Psychology and Wellbeing


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