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Professionals and Leaders

Spiritual Direction Groups

Mater Dolorosa Retreat Center, Sierra Madre, CA

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Training and Consulting for Counselors, Coaches, Leaders

Enhance your professional counseling, coaching and leadership skills with consulting and training. 

  • Expand your practice and services to paying clients
  • Achieve greater outcome for growth and wellbeing
  • Enrich your personal life and professional growth



Personal Health of the Leader

Discover how to integrate the best practices from Faith Based Human Flourishing, Neurobiology and Christian Spiritual Formation.

– Cultivate Stress Resilience and Whole Person Formation, Wellbeing and maturity

– Develop your unique  Balanced Living ‘Rule of Life’ (Healthy Life Rhythms. Curriculum in Christ Likeness.)

– Experience Increased Personal Wellness and Leadership Effectiveness to Finish Well.



Download Flourish as a Leader (pdf)


Email drcatherine@howtoflourish.com to make a consulting appointment. 

For information about the six week Flourish in Life Coaching and Coach Training  and to schedule a personal professional consultation – click here.




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