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Speaking and Training

Dr. Catherine Hart Weber

Teaching  Topics

I am a licensed therapist, life coach and spiritual director with over 25 years of clinical experience helping individuals, couples, families and leaders grow and thrive in life and relationships.

As an author and co-author of several books and a contributor to numerous others, I have been a radio guest on many radio programs, including Moody’s Midday Connection, Family Life Radio and Focus on the Family. I am a regular columnist for WHOA Women’s magazine and a frequent speaker at conferences and on videos with The American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC). As an adjunct professor, I also regularly teach at Universities in Masters and Doctoral classes.

Select from one of the popular topics listed here, or suggest a topic we could explore together.

Please email drcatherine@howtoflourish.com to make inquiries or schedule speaking, teaching or training for your next event, retreat, radio program, or class.

Relationships and

Marriage Enrichment



  • Secrets to Love, Sex and Happiness in Marriage
  • Redeeming Authentic Female Sexuality
  • Strengthening Marital Intimacy: Bridging the Gender Gap
  • What You Need To Know About Sex In Christian America

These talks center around the book Secrets of Eve and a new national research project I am conducting with Hart Institute on Sex in Christian America.

I am also available with my husband Rick Weber for relationship and marriage enrichment classes.

Wellness and Spiritual Formation




  • How to Flourish in Life And Relationships
  • Enriching The Personal Life Of The Leader
  • Balancing Beauty for Brokenness
  • God’s Plan For Your Transforming Life Makeover: Becoming the Best True You
  • Strength For The Journey: Facing Life Challenges Courageously with God and One Another
  • The Stress and Anxiety Cure for Peace and Happiness

These talks and others similar, center around my most recent book Flourish: Discover the Daily Joy of Abundant Vibrant Living, and  A Woman’s Guide to Overcoming Depression.

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